Practical and Honest Travel Tips You Can Actually Use

Author: Miss Monogram  

Travel Tips from two different generations and honest to goodness the BEST travel tip ever

Travel is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment
European Summer holiday anyone?

So we have put together our favourite travel tips, read on to see the difference betweens Angela's & Ashleigh's Tips!

Angela’s travel tips list is quite extensive, but here are her top picks.

✈️ Copy passport, driver’s licence & travel documents & take with you also scan & email to yourself & someone at home

✈️ Cash, Medication & Travel documents in carry on

✈️ Comfortable clothes with layers for plane

 ✈️ Have some cash in destination currency

✈️ Zip lock bags for anything & everything

Ashleigh’s top tips on the other hand are quite simple

 Pack your passport, phone charger & deal with everything else as it comes.
You aren’t going to read that magazine on the plane and you don’t need that third set of workout gear

But our favourite travel tip is mutual -

Pack Less Clothes, More Cash. 

Pack your bag then take something out, you don’t want it overflowing before you leave.
Take more cash for cocktails, shopping & emergencies.

It is that simple.

Happy travels Angela & Ashleigh xx


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