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Don't you love that moment in a movie when the girl can't find her car key and tips out her entire handbag looking for it? Much to her embarrassment, out falls money and makeup, tissues, glasses, perfume, pens . . . it's endless!

But while that might be funny in a movie, it can be a pain in real life. Plus, it doesn't say very positive things about your personality, either!

If your handbag is overflowing, it's probably time to get organised and bring some order to your daily life!

7 Steps to Getting Organised

Step 1: Sort through all your handbags and discard any that are tatty and damaged. If there are others in good condition, that you just don't use, take them to your local Op Shop.

Step 2: Tip out your current handbag and throw out any rubbish - old tissues, wrappers, shopping lists and so on.

Step 3: Go through what's left and ask yourself, do I really need to carry this with me every day?

Step 4: Buy yourself a good quality, leather compendium. A4 is the best size, as it will fit a notepad and documents. Make sure it has card holders - including a clear window card holder for your licence/ID.

Step 5: Transfer all essentials to your compendium. This will not only keep them safe but, if you change handbags, you can transfer everything you need in one go.

Step 6: Place your compendium plus essentials-only (cash, lipstick, comb etc) in your chosen bag. Alternatively, treat yourself to a new bag, to match your compendium . . . just saying!

Step 7: Use bags within bags. In other words, instead of throwing all those bits and pieces in loose, put your coins in a coin purse, your makeup in a small makeup bag, and so on.

Add Some Style

Choosing monogrammed leather items adds a lovely touch. Stylish and elegant, they will show others just how organised (and chic) you are!

Cool For Guys, Too

Now, these rules shouldn't just apply to the girls! Many men carry man-bags these days - and good on them. So much better than having keys and wallets in your pocket.

If you are one of these cool dudes, there's a monogrammed compendium for you, too! It's perfect on its own, or just the right size to fit into a briefcase or shoulder bag.

Good For You

Re-organising your handbag offers many advantages. For starters, you'll be able to find what you need quickly, without embarrassment! And it makes a far better impression on others. 

It's also good for your health. Mess causes stress, and clutter clogs your brain. Studies prove that there is a link between clutter and depression. So this is a simple thing you can do now to improve your daily life.


Miss Monogram, "Timeless style made just for you" by Natalie Tink.

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