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Finding Myself Again, One Pop of Colour at a Time: 6 Steps In Your Post-Motherhood Style Journey

Finding Myself Again, One Pop of Colour at a Time: 6 Steps In Your Post-Motherhood Style Journey

Mums, can we talk about rediscovering ourselves after the whirlwind of motherhood? It's amazing how those tiny humans manage to shift the entire landscape of our lives, including our wardrobes.

For the past 18 months, I've been on a personal style mission – a journey of "dopamine dressing" if you will. The early part of my motherhood journey is a blur, I was drowning in the loss of self and post-natal depression hit me like truck carting bricks. 

Through a lot of sessions with my Psychologist, a holistic healer and all the shadow work I started to piece together the parts of me that I wanted to keep, let go of what not longer served me & re-create myself.


To be honest, the beige-obsessed aesthetic is gorgeous but just wasn't cutting it for me. While I appreciate a crisp white fit, adding a pop of colour (or a full-on explosion, brings me joy and that is what I am here for at the moment. I have always LOVED loud patterns, bright colours, mixing textures and styles. And I lost myself trying to fit into the instagram worthy aesthetic. 

And guess what? When I embrace my own unique style, the one that makes me feel most me, that's when I truly shine. It's a confidence boost that spills over into other areas of my life, reminding me that I'm not just "mummy" – I'm a woman with passions and a personality, I'm a lover of art, style & fashion. 

Of course, there are days when the "mum uniform" of tights, oversized tee and a messy bun reigns supreme. But even at the grocery store, a bright lipstick or bold earrings can be a tiny act of self-expression that says, "Yes, I'm covered in snack crumbs, but I'm still fabulous". 

Let's ditch the outdated "shoulds" and embrace the rush of wearing what makes us feel incredible. Because when we feel good on the outside, it helps us feel good on the inside and that's something our little ones deserve to see – a happy, confident women who rocks her own uniqueness. And Mums, we deserve it too. 

So, here are my practical tips on how I rediscovered my style and rebuilt my wardrobe

1. Embracing Body Changes:

Our bodies change after motherhood. There I said it. This isn't about bouncing back or fitting back into your pre-baby jeans. It's a beautiful journey, but it can also be challenging to adjust our wardrobes. The tears I have shed when even tights don't fit me anymore could fill an olympic pool. 

Practice self-acceptance. Celebrate your new shape and focus on finding clothes that flatter your current figure. It's about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. I'm not talking "self love" I'm talking acceptance. Your body grew, birthed and fed (bottle or breast) a HUMAN. A whole entire human. Of course it doesn't look like it did before. 

2. Style Boards:

Pinterest is your best friend here! Create separate style boards for different seasons and fill it with outfits that excite you. This helps visualise outfits with clothes you still have and key pieces you need to add. Think about fabrics, textures, and silhouettes that suit your personal style and the changing weather. I often search things like "how to style X" to find outfits ideas for certain pieces I have.


3 . Following Style Inspiration:

Social media is a great place to find style inspiration. Follow other mums whose fashion sense resonates with you. Unfollow the ones who don't have the same shape as you if they make you feel bad about your body. See how they put together outfits, discover new brands and get inspired to create your own unique looks.

4. Colour Analysis:

Have you ever considered colour analysis? I'm only new to the concept but it can be a game-changer! Knowing which colours compliment your skin tone and hair can help you build a wardrobe that makes you glow. It's a fun way to explore different palettes and find shades that boost your confidence. I've seen a tiktok on how to do it with AI or you can book a colour consult with a stylist. 

5. Hit the Op-Shops

Shopping second hand is a fantastic way to update your wardrobe. You will save money, support a charity and reduce the amount of clothes that end up in landfill.  You'll find unique pieces and amazing deals. Embrace the treasure hunt and enjoy the thrill of finding that perfect outfit without breaking the bank. Use your Pinterest vision board you created in step 1 when shopping so you don't buy clothes you don't actually want. 


6. Let It Go

Honey, if it doesn't fit - have it altered if you can or re-home it! I know you will read this and say "but when I xyz I'll wear it again" (mine was stop breastfeeding). But when will that be, really? Do you want to see that shirt you can't wear EVERY TIME you open your cupboard. Let it go. Fill your space with outfits you can wear now. You can sell it on marketplace or sites like depop, there are events where you can sell clothes, or swap clothes with your friends. 


This journey of rediscovering myself through style has been a transformative experience, that's for sure. It's a reminder that motherhood doesn't have to define us and we can still embrace our passions and express ourselves through the clothes we wear. While the path may not be linear, remember Mumma, you are worthy of feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin. Let's celebrate each other and continue inspiring each other on this journey of self-discovery.


If you're reading this and feel you need someone to talk too please reach out to a trusted support person, your GP or call the hotlines linked below

Lifeline - 13 11 14
Beyond Blue  - 1300 224 636
PANDA (perinatal anxiety and depression), Monday to Friday 9am to 7.30pm AEST)* 1300 726 306

13 Yarn (an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander crisis support line)

13 92 76