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There's such a lot to think about and plan when you decide to get married. There's the engagement party, bridal shower, venue, flowers, dress, cake . . . the list is endless. And then there's the honeymoon.

Picking the destination may be easy, but deciding what to pack may be placed on the backburner, with so many other things to think about. So here's a tip: as soon as you decide where you're going, write a honeymoon checklist.

You may be thinking that's pretty unimportant at this stage. You'll just throw a few things in a suitcase the night before, right? Wrong! Leaving it until the day will leave you rushed, stressed, and probably missing some essentials. 

Make A Checklist

Making a checklist enables you to plan your outfits, buy those extra toiletries and sunscreen, and even treat yourself to some new luggage. 

Arriving at some wonderful tropical destination, with your belongings in your old luggage and passport in your tired old handbag doesn't seem right. It even sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you lose your passport or cash.

If you can, choose a new suitcase each, plus two well organised carry-on bags. Sharing a suitcase is not recommended. Remember, men and women have very different ideas about packing! 

Packing Your Carry-on Bag

Your carry-on bag is essential, and should contain the following: passports, tickets, and other travel documents in your travel wallet, currency, medications, mobile, iPad or other way of viewing movies on the trip, chargers, camera and other valuables (eg jewellery).

Always be prepared for travel delays, by including basic toiletries and a change of underwear, plus a fresh shirt/T-shirt. To save space, decant things like shampoo and conditioner into smaller bottles and ensure they are well sealed.

Make sure you have proper luggage tags on your pre-honeymoon shopping list. Those flimsy cardboard labels never last, which could see your new luggage heading for the opposite direction.

Monogrammed Travel Packs

Why not choose leather, monogrammed luggage tags. They are just so stylish, and easy to securely attach, too, ensuring nothing goes astray. They will stand out, so you can pick your luggage as soon as it appears and you can make a hasty exit to your long-awaited destination. Don't forget to put luggage tags on your carry-on bags, just in case.

And while you're at it, how about matching monogrammed travel wallets? These are not only extremely smart, but the safest way to keep all your important travel documents together. Choose a style that incorporates a space for your passport, and clear pockets for your cards and ID.

To ensure everything matches, look for a supplier who offers travel accessory packages. 

Relax And Enjoy Your Special Day

By having a honeymoon checklist, you will have bought everything you need, and ensured your favourite outfits are freshly laundered. Your important documents will be safely housed in the travel wallet, and your luggage tags attached.
Try and pack a few days before your wedding, marking items off your checklist as you go. Pack the list, too, so you can refer to it again when you pack to come home. That way you won't leave anything behind.

Then, on the big day, you can focus on your wedding and reception, knowing everything else is in order. Happy honeymoon! 

Miss Monogram. "Timeless style made just for you" by Natalie Tink.

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