Large Clutches

Personalised Leather Clutch Monogrammed with your Initials or Name

Meet Miss Victoria - Miss Victoria clutch is our signature piece, and the favourite of our founder, Nat - and it's easy to see why. She is like the perfect date. Beautiful enough to be envy-inducing arm candy, but not overstated that it takes any attention away from the main attraction - you! (Um. D'ah). 
Meet Miss Karlie - Miss Karlie - Chic? Check. Versatile? Check. Timeless style? Check. Unique, just like you? Ding, ding, ding, jackpot. When you meet, you'll wonder how you ever lived without her. With the special powers to house all your emergency go-to's and practical essentials, this girl has got your back. Literally.
Meet Miss Addison - Our Miss Addison Pouch is the ultimate stylish "inbetweener", she will take you from day, to night, to the morning after. Whether you're arriving to after work cocktails, or an easy Sunday brunch with the ladies, you'll always look stylish when you're carrying this stunning Saffiano leather pouch with you.

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