Men's Products

Personalised Leather Accessories for Men - Monogrammed with your Initials or Name 

Meet Mr Knox - A boy's first wallet usually involved some form of velcro (cringe). A teenager's wallet is no doubt a some unwanted gift from a relative. But a man's wallet? Now that's a different creature all together. Luxurious leather, monogrammed with your initials. As far as wallets go gentleman, Mr Knox is one you can be proud of. 
Meet Mr Kooper - You've had the perfect business cards designed, printed, and you're ready to mingle. You meet a promising contact, reach into your pocket, and fish out your business card...along with a gum wrapper, some lint, and a random paper clip. Not quite the first impression you want to give, is it? That's where our Mr Kooper Cardholder comes in. Smart and sophisticated style to help you make sure that every introduction counts.
Meet Mr Bentley - Not all of us can be Ernest Hemingway, filling our notebooks with musings of far off places and timeless stories. But armed with the sophistication with thanks to the Mr Bentley, you'll be able to convince all the ladies perving on you at your local cafe that you' are - and, let's be honest, that's all that really matters!
Meet Mr Spector - Look. Just because James Bond seems to be able to run for the length of an entire film in his suit without breaking a sweat , doesn't mean you can. (or can you?) When you're rushing for that flight, it's not going to be all slow-mo and cool-looking, unless of course you have a friend on hand to keep your luggage looking suave. The name's Spector, Mr Spector. Meet Mr Jonathan - Our Mr Jonathan Compendium is the Miss Moneypenny to your James Bond. Stay cool calm and collected through delayed flights, cancelled trains and annual flu season with this personalised leather compendium designed to keep you organised and on-the-go, in style.


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