Personalised Leather Office Accessories - Monogrammed with your Initials or Name

Meet Miss Elizabeth - While trying to juggle the elements of being a total girl boss, we need a little help to keep us on track and get us where we know we want to go. Miss Elizabeth will not only keep you organised, but will do it in an effortless, tres chic way. So channel that inner Bethany Frankel and leave others wondering how on earth you do it. #winning.
Meet Mr Jonathon - Our Mr Jonathan Compendium is the Miss Moneypenny to your James Bond. Stay cool calm and collected through delayed flights, cancelled trains and annual flu season with this personalised leather compendium designed to keep you organised and on-the-go, in style.
Meet Miss Natalie - Some days you're the definition of "killing it", and other days you roll out of bed looking like Hagrid. Truth is - it happens to the best of us. Whatever mode you're in, Miss Natalie will not only keep you focussed on kicking goals, but with her undated pages she can easily adapt to be there whenever you need her. #cuethehallelujah.
Meet Mr Bentley - Ok. Let's be real. Not all of us can be Ernest Hemingway, filling our notebooks with musings of far off places and timeless stories. But armed with the sophistication with thanks to Mr Bentley, you'll be able to convince all the ladies perving on you at your local cafe that you' are - and, let's be honest, that's all that really matters!

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