Shopping Centre Promotions

Be Different Darling.

Being a Marketing Manager for a Shopping Centre is no easy feat, am I right? Keeping the shoppers coming back day after day supporting not only the major retailers, the big brands and then of course keeping the smaller retailers happy and thriving.

Since launching Miss Monogram in 2016 we have spoken to countless Centre Managers who all face the same problem, and with all problems there is an amazing solution… but what is it? Well that’s one thing we know a thing or two about, we love problem solving and we are pretty darn good at it and have a great formula for:

A. Getting shoppers into your Centre

B. Keeping them their long enough to give your smaller retailers traffic

C. Making sure your shoppers are spending money and the little guys are thriving!



Want to know our secrets?

We would love to help you and share with you some of the projects we have worked on with other Centre's across Australia. Call Nat our Shopping Centre Promotion Wizard on 07 5444 8228 OR Email and she will create a concept that allows you to make A,B and C happen.

Look forward to chatting with you soon

MM xo