Meet Miss Paris, Mr Spector, Miss Sadie & Mr Marcus

We all know the feeling - wanting to feel like A-listers when we travel, but then our bank accounts are like "oh sweetie, no". Well, now Miss Paris has your back. You might have to longingly pass the Business Class lounge doors on your next trip, but at least you can look damn fine while you do it. Available in a range of colours, Miss Paris helps keep track of your belongings - so you have one less worry on your next tropical getaway!
Look. Just because James Bond seems to be able to run for the length of an entire film in his suit without breaking a sweat, doesn't mean you can. (Or can you?) When you're rushing for that flight, it's not going to be all slow-mo and cool-looking, unless of course you have a friend on hand to keep your luggage looking suave. The name's Spector, Mr Spector
No-one wants to be that girl in the airport - rummaging through her bag like Mary Poppins. Our Miss Sadie Travel Wallet in Saffiano leather is the perfect, elegant companion to help you stay organised when you're on the move.
You know how women seem to have it all together when they are about to jet-off? (When really there is everything from a half-eaten protein bar to an extensive make-up collection inside their handbag?) Well. Brace yourself. Because now men can have it too. Mr Marcus will house everything you need next time you are on-the-go when travelling, and will do so while still making you look manly, suave, calm, collected and cool.


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