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Glow Up From Within: The Power of Clean Makeup Brushes for a Flawless Finish

Glow Up From Within: The Power of Clean Makeup Brushes for a Flawless Finish
With the launch of our new makeup bags on the horizon we want to make sure what is going IN your new bag is as gorgeous as the bag it's self. 
So, let's talk about something that might not be the most glamorous part of our beauty routine but trust us when we say, it's super important: cleaning our makeup brushes!
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We all know the feeling of whipping out our favourite brushes to create a flawless look but how often do we stop to think about what's actually clinging to those bristles? Turns out, dirty brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, dead skin cells, and even leftover makeup. Eww, right?
Here's the thing: neglecting our brushes can lead to some not-so-cute consequences. Think breakouts, irritation, and even clogged pores. ‍Not exactly the #glowup we're aiming for!
Fear not, bestie! Keeping your brushes clean is easier than you think and the benefits are absolutely worth it. Here's why:
  • Flawless Finish, Here We Come! ✨ Clean brushes pick up and blend makeup more evenly, so you get that airbrushed look without any streaks or patchiness

  • Bye-Bye Breakouts! By removing bacteria and dead skin, you're giving your pores a fighting chance to stay clear and happy. No more mysterious blemishes messing up your makeup game!

  • Brush Love! ❤️ Just like your hair, your brushes need TLC too! Regular cleaning keeps the bristles soft and prevents them from getting stiff or clumpy. Plus, it helps them last longer – saving you money in the long run!

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So, how often should you clean your brushes? Ideally, you want to give them a good wash at least once a week, especially for foundation and concealer brushes. For powder products, you can get away with every two weeks. Let's be honest, the to do list is already pretty long! So can we all commit to washing them at least once a month?
There are tons of great brush cleansers on the market or you can even DIY it with a gentle shampoo and warm water. Just be sure to dry them flat on a towel (never ever stand them up!) to prevent the glue from loosening. 
Cleaning Brush 101:
  1. Wet those bristles! Run your brushes under lukewarm water, but be gentle and avoid soaking the base (where the bristles meet the handle). This can loosen the glue.

  2. Lather up! Put a dime-sized dollop of gentle shampoo or brush cleanser onto your palm. Swirl the brush bristles in the cleanser to loosen makeup and product buildup.

  3. Rinse and repeat! Keep rinsing the bristles under running water until the water runs clear. You might need to repeat steps 2 and 3 for brushes with heavy product buildup.

  4. Squeeze gently. Gently squeeze out any excess water with a clean towel, but avoid twisting or roughing up the bristles.

  5. Flat is where it's at! Lay your brushes flat on a clean towel to dry. Reshaping the bristles if needed. Don't stand them upright – this can trap water and damage the brush.

Bonus Tip: For an extra deep clean, you can disinfect your brushes by soaking them in a solution of white vinegar and water (equal parts) for 10 minutes after washing. Just be sure to rinse them thoroughly afterwards and let them dry completely.
Cleaning your brushes might seem like a chore but think of it as a spa day for your skin and your makeup. Healthy brushes lead to a healthy, happy glow – and who doesn't want that?
So grab your favourite cleanser and let's get those brushes sparkling clean! We've got flawless faces to achieve!
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