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Have you ever thought of yourself as a brand? If you work in sales or promotion, your main focus is achieving success for your employer or client. And the best way to sell their 'brand' is to develop your own.

We all know first impressions count in life. Whether it's a date, a job interview or a presentation, you will be assessed during those first few seconds. So just think, how important is that first impression when you are meeting a new client or trying to make a sale?

Improve Your First Impression

Studies show that your entire personality will be assessed based on what you're wearing, your make-up, your jewellery and accessories, your hair (condition and style), even your voice. Just minutes after meeting you, the other person will have made assumptions about your competence, trustworthiness and likeability.

Of course, there are some obvious ways you can improve that first impression, such as dressing appropriately, smiling, shaking hands and speaking politely. Good body language is essential so be sure to make eye contact and don't cross your arms!

Brand Yourself

One of the best ways to show that you are confident, competent and organised is to brand good quality accessories with your monogram. You're telling the other person that you've got this covered, you're ready and you own it! You're clearly displaying attention-to-detail and saying, "Hey, I'm a professional"!

Fashion labels have used monograms and branding for years. Amazing when you think about it! They are getting customers to pay for the privilege of marketing their product. Branding makes you memorable - you're not just 'another sales rep', you're the woman - or man - with the monogrammed compendium!

Stand Out from the Rest

Believe it or not, there is a science behind all this. Consumer behaviour and business intelligence experts describe personal branding as the ultimate status symbol. Carrying a customised product makes a person stand out from the herd as increasingly, there is a premium on individuality.

By showing you are not afraid to stand out and be confident, you are displaying power and even dominance over others. And whilst in the past that might have been seen as brash, it is now noted as the sign of a winner. 

They say the proof is in the pudding and that was certainly the case when Miss Monogram attended Business Chicks' 9 to Thrive in Melbourne. Attended by thousands of people, including amazing key speakers, businesswomen and celebrities, monogrammed compendiums, bags, phone covers and cardholders were literally walking out the door.

A smart decision to take the monogram press to the event meant the ladies could create their personal brand on the spot. 

Shop Now

If you want to up the ante for your own business, or improve your sales pitch, why not get your own personalised compendium today? Choose between the Miss Elizabeth Compendium and the Mr Jonathan Compendium. Both accessories are made from gorgeous genuine Saffiano leather and feature everything you need to do business.


Miss Monogram. "Timeless style made just for you" by Natalie Tink.

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