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How's your work-life balance this week? All going as planned? Probably not! As hard as we try it sometimes feels impossible to get everything done and still have time for ourselves.

The more you add to your life, the busier it becomes - especially if you are in business AND have children. How can you be all things to all people, when you can't even find time to be you?

There are a few suggestions that might help. The first is to let go.

Just Let Go

Yep, let go, relinquish some of that control. Now that's scary, right? Most of us want - or even need - to be in control. We want to believe that we can do everything ourselves. The truth is, we can't - and that's not a negative. In fact, learning to let go should be seen as a strength.

It shows that you recognise your limitations and you're willing to share the load.

Letting go can relate to both your business and home life. If your partner or a family member is happy to take some of the load, let them. Why shouldn't your partner pick up the kids from school? Will you be seen as a bad mother? No! You will be seen as a busy working woman who has made arrangements for her kids to be safely collected.

Learn To Delegate

At work, learn to delegate. We all know you do the task better than anyone but why not give them a chance? And that doesn't mean hovering over them while they do it!

Did you know that women have a worse work-life balance than men? Seriously, that's not a whinge, just an observation!

Many women may be single mums, or are also caring for an ageing parent, as well as their own children. Everyone's situation is different.

Here are some more tips on finding that balance:

Prioritise: What's important in your life? What matters most? What could you comfortably cut from your life without feeling the loss? Obviously your family and work are important but don't under-estimate the importance of your passions and interests. All of these things shape who you are, and all contribute to your happiness.

Manage your time: Whether you use a diary, a phone App or your laptop/tablet, book things in. And that includes visits to the gym and coffee with friends. Those are an important part of your life and if you don't make time for them, they won't happen.

Set boundaries: In other words learn to say 'no' occasionally! When you finish work,  make a point of actually stopping. Maybe turn off your phone for a bit and shut down the laptop. If somebody asks you to do 'just one more thing' that day, say no.

Watch your health: If you get sick it all goes out the window! Burn-out is all too common these days and while stress can't be avoided altogether, it can be managed. Eat healthy, take exercise and schedule in some downtime. Get up from your desk and walk around. Or go for a walk with the family after work.

With a little effort, good time management and a supportive partner/family, you really can have your cake and eat it!


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